The Power of God’s Love

Knowing from all eternity the condition in which man would find himself because of the sin of Adam, part of the Father’s essence, that which makes Him what and who He is, an essence which includes His infinite love for mankind, is that of being our Savior. His love for us is too powerful, too consuming, to allow mankind to live in darkness and to die eternally separated from Him. This manifestation of the Father’s essence, this identity as Savior, formed an essential part of the essence and nature of the Logos, and led to the Logos becoming the Incarnate Word, Jesus, for everything the Father is, Jesus is also. He and the Father are one.

This revelation of unity between the Father and the Son, Jesus, was something Jesus had to condition the apostles to accept. It was a new concept for them, and Jesus knew there would be many disciples who would not take this revelation into their heart. The acceptance of this revelation, its comprehension, requires a shift in focus, a shift from self to other. We see this developing revelation in the gospel of John. In John 6:44-46, 66…..May you all feel Loved.

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