SDA Crater Camp Meeting 17th – 24th August, 2019


SDA Crater Camp Meeting 2019 will run from the 17th – 28th and will be officiated by Pastor John Lomacang of Illinois Conference where he is the pastor of the Thompsonville SDA Church located at the 3ABN Worship Center in the United states of America.

Pastor John Lomacang Bio

Pastor John Lomacang is a native of New York where he received much of his education. He also attended Oakwood College in Huntsville Alabama, Manhattan College in New York, and Valencia College in Orlando Florida.

Brooklyn, New York is where John met and married the former Angela Marr.

Pastor Lomacang has been a professional Christian Singer for more than 30 years. He has sung with the Heritage Singers full-time from 1984-86 and part-time until 2009. You may remember him from other Christian ministries, such as It Is Written, Amazing Facts, Voice of Prophecy, and Three Angels Broadcasting Network.

Pastor John Lomacang is an ordained minister of the SDA church and is in his 30th year of pastoral ministry. He began in evangelistic ministry with Pastor Doug Batchelor in 1987. John has been a Certified Marriage Counselor since 1989.

Pastor Lomacangs’ singing and speaking ministry has taken him and his wife to more than 60 countries, and nearly every state in the U.S. 

John and Angela have been with 3ABN since 2003. Among other responsibilities, John is the weekly host of the Bible answer television program “House Calls” and the host of the newest program, “A Sharper Focus” which is aired “Live!” each Wednesday night at 7 PM Central.

Angela has worked for 3ABN radio for the last 12 years where she is an Associate Producer and also host of the radio program called “Crossroads.”

Recently Pastor Lomacang presented 4 Anchors of Truth Series on 3ABN, including “Unclean Spirits” and “Unclean Spirits Unplugged” (Series on the Occult and the Entertainment industry).    

Pastor Lomacang is a singer, songwriter, author, and musician. Pacific Press publishes his life story in a book titled “Abandoned But Not Alone.” John also has 3 music CD’s, “Surrender”, “Never Alone”, and “The Call”, along with a DVD titled, “Songs of Hope and Comfort.”  

Pastor Lomacang believes that the Lord called he and his wife to the ministry. He loves his wife and he loves the Lord and he plans on spending eternity with both. 


Source: www.johnlomacang.com/bio



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