Education Department Week

Education week ( 17th -23  march, 2019)

Theme of week

Sabbath (23.03.2019)

Week theme: Education for whole and complete life

Key verse: Luke 2.41-52: Children department

Opening song: Hymn 520: Children department

Closing song: Hymn 462: Children department

Children story: children department

Choir: Hark voices

Sermon: John oteyo

Pastoral prayer: Brother Joshua Mwaura

Bible study: mentorship: Elder Thuku

Wednesday sermon

Attendance: 26

Subtheme for Wednesday: foundation of true education

Song: 245

Start:  5.34 p.m.

End: 5.57 p.m.

Key verse: Hosea 4.6

Pulpit party

  1. Elder Owili: introduction and song
  2. Sister Gladys: sermonette

Synopsis of sermon

  1. Israelites and now current Adventist Christians are priestly and royal people of God: 1 peter 2.9
  2. We lack knowledge because we have rejected God’s teaching and forgotten his commandments
  3. The effects of lack of knowledge include the following
  4. a) We will perish
  5. b) We will be rejected
  6. c) We will not be priestly people of God
  7. d) Curse to our children: our children will be forgotten



 We need mend our ways, ask for forgiveness  and reconnect our relationship with God because he is foundation of true education (Proverbs  9.10)


Friday vespers


Subtheme for Friday: Train your own children:


Start:  5.34 p.m.

End: 5.57 p.m.

Key verse: Deut 6.6-9; Proverbs 22.6

Pulpit party

Pastor and elders

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